October 1, 2016



At “Centro Cristiano Mahanaim” we closely and truly follow what is commanded in the New testament in the books of Mathew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-18, and Luke 24:47. Known as the “Great Commission”.
To accomplish the Great Commission we do the following.

  • To preach the word of God to all Creatures (mainly in Spanish language) at Church site, visiting homes and person to person generalization.
  • To teach and train new disciples according to what the word of God (The Bible) command us to do & teach according to it.
    • By experienced and trained Doctors at University (College) level.
    • By experienced and trained Ministers at Institute Level.
    • By expanding the preaching and teaching of the gospel at church, homes and various activities.
    • To expand the preaching and teaching of the Gospel beyond the U. S. A. territory by mission activities following the same main goals and followings of Centro Cristiano Mahanaim.
  • To take care of the Grey by doing the following:
    • Family programs at all levels.
      • Children programs and activities ages 4 to 15.
      • Youth programs and activities ages 15 to ??
      • Family programs.
        • Marriage counseling.
        • Budget teachings.
        • ESL.
        • Skills enhancement.

*The main goal is to provide youngsters who has been call by the LORD to serve on his works with a line of education that enhances them

to be self supporters (teaching them a skill) and mainly to teach them the Gospel (word of God) to be preachers of the word of God (the Gospel) main skill. As Mathew 28: 19 dictates.

Under the main goal it is the creation and establishment of Centro Cristiano “MAHANAIM” Campus. In Guatemala, this is the complement. It will be the dwelling and housing where diversity / variety of accordingly social programs (Religious (Christian centered), Food, Clothing, Education, variety of activities, Sports,Medical) for community development end enhancing ( the the main goal ) will concentrate / dwell and successfully accomplish it.

Let’s work together united on the mission of “God’s work”.